Judges Reports

28.08.2010 RH exhibition Wirsberg, Judge Mr. Yerusalimsky,

                   V1, Anw Dt. Ch, res. CAC

typical medium-sized dog, well proportioned, strong enough in the bone, elongated head, good neck and topline, well developed chest, corr. Angulation front and rear, free movement, corr. ridge, complete scissors bite.

18.04.2010 IRH Berlin, V 4, Judge Mr. Martin Klopsch

2 1 / 2-year term. corr. developed male, crude type. Skull, corr. scheduled hangings, strong muzzle, very good strong neck and topline, straight strong back, tail corr. set, very good chest and depth, corr. scheduled shoulder, very good angulation in front, slightly steep in the back, fluid movement, corr. Treadling

05.12.2009 NRA Kassel, Judge Mr. Lothar Scheider, V2, res. Dt Anw. Ch

elegant, muscular, spirited dog with a pleasant behavior, complete scissors, correct ridge, long muzzle, flat skull, dark eye, blinds correctly shown ... tail straight back, set properly, just strong front legs.

29.11.2009 RH Annaberg Buchholz, Judge Mrs Clerc, V

not a big dog, but balanced, correct head proportions, excellent pigment, strong neck, strong bones, solid body, muscular hind legs, ... moves freely.

28.11.2009 RH Annaberg Buchholz, Judge Mrs. Chwalibog,

                   V2, res. Dt App. Ch

elegant type, nice top line, expressive head, minimal steep upper hand, correct depth of chest, correct rear angulation, correct ridge, good rod seat, fluid movement.

15.11.2009 Nat. RH Friedrichshafen,Judge Mr. Schicker,

                   V1, Anw Dt. Ch Anw. ELSA Club, winner Friedrichshafen

2 years old, medium size, in all parts of typical and without exaggeration, head with matching eye color and pigment, masculine expression, matching neck length, body with very goog Ridge, straight front, corr. angulated and muscled back, being attentive, so called movement, best male

14.11.2009 Show Bodensee-Friedrichshafen, Judge Mrs. Schicker,

                   V2, res. Dt Anw. Ch., res. Elsa Anw. Club

corr. under construction, friendly nature, excellent head, long neck, straight back with corr. Ridge, a switch set correctly, straight front legs cat feet, sufficient angulated front and rear, harmonious movement.

03.10. 2009 National Winner Tulln, Judge Mrs. Karin van Klaveren, V3

spirited 22-month-old male, very good size, correct head proportions, correct set and carried ears, very good chest and depth of chest, topline very chic, very good liquid front and rear angulation, in the movement

18.07.2009 IHA Oberwart, Judge Mrs. Blaha, V 3

21 months, good size and substance, well-cut head, good eyes, scissors bite, good neck and topline, adequate chest, good depth, well angulated, strong bones, good Ridge is in good thrust

13.06.2009 IHA Klagenfurt, Judge Mrs. Kavcic, V1, CACA

18 months old medium size, well shaped head, corr. dentition, round eyes, well carnied ears, bit loose skin, makes heavier head, strong neck, light body, medium bones, strong feet, well balanced movement, well developed muscles, corn tale carriage, good ridge, outgoing temperament

16.05.2009 IRA Salzburg, Judge Mrs. Poduschka-Aigner,

                   V1, Anw Österr. Ch, CACIB

very balanced, good size, chest should still be wide, good head, corr. Lines, well angulated, corr. Movement, being safe

07.05.2008 Show Neresheim-Stetten, Judge Mr. Pohling, vv2

anatom. very good built for the age and very good developed age-appropriate young male with good head, solid top line, bottom line, have good conformation, very playful movement with a little loose out front legs, friendly behavior