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Yesterday was the 30th day of pregnancy. Jämelinchen feels very good. Gradually she is a bit rounder and has stopped their wild game activities but she can still whiz :-)



Yipppeeeeeeeee..... :-)))))))

We have just get good news. Jamila is pregnant :-))))))

The puppies are expected round 28/04/2011.

The pic of the ultrasound follows :-)))))



Jamila is very fine. She plays every day with Bahati and she is really good mood.

Direct signs of "pregnancy" are unfortunately not to see.


We know more on 25 March after ultrasound appointment.

We are all very excited !!!



05.03. and 06.03.11


This weekend Aki and I went with Britta and Aki`s sister Amalie to Croatia to CACIB Show in Zagreb.


It was a very nice and funny weekend. We also get some nice results with us.



From judge Halper Drazic (HR) Aki get a sg1. Aki startet the last time at open class and was running and standing perfectly. The reasoning from judge was: Thats not the type of my dog.


Amalie reached V2, res. CAC.



On Sunday we all where very happy. Aki reached under judge Velimir Sruk (HR) V1, CAC, res. CACIB. Thus Aki may call himselve after homologation INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION. This is now the 2 nd Champion title.

Amalie also get V1, CAC, res. CACIB, thus Amalie finally got her Croatia Champion.


Congratulations to Britta and Amalie, we are so happy for you !!!!!!





Finally they did it !!!!! Aki covered the beautiful Umlani Abuya Jamila.


Everything went well and Aki did not hesitate long. Jamila was very quickly adjusted to Aki, she was very nice.


We are very excited and now we hope for a positive ultrasound scan and hopefully of many sweet and healthy "Akimilas.


Manu and Dani, it was very nice and funny with you!! We are looking forward to see you again soon :-))))

15.01. und 16.01.2011 CACIB Ljubljana I and II


We`ve finally made it :-). Aki reached under judge Alojz Mlakar V1 and CACIB against the Champion male. Aki is so

Slovenian Champion.


Under judge Maissen-Jarisch (A) Aki reached today a beautiful V3.



The mating between


is planned.

At the End of January we will start :-))

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