Since yesterday, the babies are 3 weeks old. The ears and eyes are open. They always take more weight. They also be more active and depend on unsteady legs, the litter box. The heaviest male weighs 2 kg. The last born and lightest female weighs 1.4 kg. The other two males are 1.7 kg and the 5 other females are 1.5 kg to 1.6 kg.

Here a few new photos from the 3rd week of life :-)




Yesterday our puppies completed the first week of life and they grow very well. All have doubled their birth weight, and most of them far more :-))) The heaviest are currently Mr. Green, Mr. Red, Mrs. Rosa and Mrs. Orange. Only a few days and they will open their eyes.


Below a few new fotos :-)

29.04.2011            Second Day



All puppies put on weight.

Within a day the weights was going up from 50 g to 200 g. Mrs Orange cracks every record !!!!!!


Mr Red             - Geburtsgewicht : 550 gr.    nun 610 gr.

Mr Geen           - Geburtsgewicht : 540 gr.    nun 650 gr.

Mr Brown         - Geburtsgewicht : 440 gr     nun 530 gr.

Mrs pink          - Geburtsgewicht : 450 gr.    nun 550 gr.

Mrs. Yellow       - Geburtsgewicht : 440 gr.    nun 500 gr.

Mrs Blue          - Geburtsgewicht : 520 gr.    nun 570 gr.

Mrs Violett        - Geburtsgewicht : 490 gr.    nun 570 gr.

Mrs Orange       - Geburtsgewicht : 360 gr.    nun 590 gr.

Mrs. Dark Blue  - Geburtsgewicht: 320 gr.     nun 440 gr. The last one after 7 seven hours from the Puppy before

28.04.2011                       1. First Day



On Friday, the Breeding Master was to check the puppies.


We are really proud to our puppies. They are all healthy and happy. Even now, only two Ridge faults are found (1/1).


All the other puppies have correct Ridges and no kink rods. DS hasn`t been found until now.

We are so happy and can not even wait for our first visit. We would love to go immediately and take all in our arms. Not just for Manuela but also for us a dream come true.




Yipppeeee, we are are very pleased the small Akimila`s are there!

To 23:50 Mr. Red was born first. After hin followed another 3 males and 6 females.


One male was unfortunately born death. Therefore remain 3 males and 6 females.

Jamila and the puppies are doing very well and all are alive and well.


We are looking forward to our first visit in four weeks and wish Jamila and the puppies all the best !!!


In a few weeks it will "rattle in a box" :-))))





from the swiss Kennel ndoto yangu


Litter is planned for spring 2011



Yipppeeeeeeeee..... :-)))))))

We have just get good news. Jamila is pregnant :-))))))

The puppies are expected round 28/04/2011.

The pic of the ultrasound follows :-)))))






Name:       Umlani Abuya Jamila

Born:         26.04.2008

X-ray:        HD A, ED OCD free

Bit:            complete scissor bite

Dilute:        homozygous undiluted coat color

Size:          64,5 cm



Name:         Marondera Akanni Ulanyo

born:           04.11.2007

X-ray:          HD A 2 / ED / OCD free

Bit:              complete scissor bite

Dilute:          homozygous undiluted coat color, result 13.09.2010

Size:            68 cm

The mating between Jamila and Akanni has over 5 generations no common ancestors and is thus a 100 %  Outcrossmating.

In the pedigree of both dogs, there are known RR`s mainly from
South Africa and from the Netherlands, southern France, Switzerland, Denmark and the United States again.

Jamila is a bitch with strong bones, with perfect proportions, excellent movement and a beautiful, expressive head. She has a confident, loving and open mind. Aki and Jamila are in a perfect harmony, because Aki has strong bones, too, excellent proportioned and exquisitely muscled male with expressive head. His open, confident and very friendly nature, without any aggression round out his profile.

Akannis father Glenaffric Ulanyo of Zuritamu is an import dog from

South Africa. The grandfather of Akannis mother Ayoka comes from the renowned South African Kennel Cartouche.

Akannis parents are both multi-champions and still very successful in the show ring.

Jamila's father is also multi-champion and comes from the equally successful male Bongani (Karoskloof TT Simply Red) from the African known Kennel Karoskloof.

Jamila comes from the Swiss Kennel Umlani and she was one of 7 puppies in this clean litter.

We hope puppies with good bone-strength, very nice exterior, standard size and loving beings will be born.

Aki and I met Jamila and her family Manuela and Dani at the show in St. Gallen. Jamila I liked immediately. I immediately not only her lovely, peaceful and souvereign being I liked, also her grate exterieur.

Jamila lives in a family with a 3-year-old boy and two older guys with 14 and 16 years. Also enriches the family another Ridgeback bitch the two years younger Agu-Karasi Binti Bahati and the Shi-Tzu dog Bärli and Tabbi the cat.

My husband, Michael, Catherine, Aki and I have accepted an invitation from the family and visited them in September for two days in Switzerland.

Dear Manu, dear Dani, we would like to say thank you again for the wonderful  weekend with you and the whole family. We felt very well with you :-)) Thanks for this :-))

The puppies will be born in Manuela and Danis beautiful large and bright home, raised and fully integrates in the family. So they are already accustomed to all household noises and everyday situations. At the 4.th week of life they can go out in the garden with free running and a prepared adventure playground.

If you are interested in a puppy from this litter and you have enough spare time, you can offer him a loving home in the family and you are active in sports and exicted in nature, we would looking forward to a contact very much.

If you are interested, please contact us at:

Frau Manuela Kunz-Stocker under

Phone:            0041-62-7510610

email:             ndoto-yangu@hispeed.ch.

or me

Phone:            0049 - 8105 - 379 377

email:             claudia.klostermeier@gmx.de